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Disc Horn

Technical Parameter
Diameter:φ123mm   12V/24V   5+1A / 2.5+0.5A     110±5dB(A)Frequency: Low:300±20Hz,High 500±20Hz   Remark:3BA 002 768-091   3BA 002 768-101
Diameter:φ123mm   12V/24V  5A /2.5A  110±5dB(A)Frequency:Low:300±20Hz,High 500±20Hz   Remark:0320 202 016 
Diameter:φ107mm   12V/24V   4.5±0.5/ 2+0.5A  110±5dB(A)  Frequency:Low 300±20Hz,High 400±20Hz 
Diameter:φ87mm   12V/24V   3A/1.5A   110±5dB(A) Frequency:Low 300±20Hz,  High 400±20Hz 
Diameter:φ105mm   12V/24V  3A/1.5A  110±5dB(A)  Frequency:Low 300±20Hz,   High 400±20Hz 
Diameter:φ100mm  12V/24V   3±0.5A / 1.5+0.5A   110±5dB(A)  Frequency:Low 335±20Hz,High  435±20Hz
Diameter:φ72mm  12V/24V  3.5A/2A  1105±dB(A)  Frequency:Low 335±20Hz,High 435±20Hz
Diameter:φ95mm   12V/24V   4A/2A   110±5dB(A)  Frequency:Low 335±20Hz    High 400±20Hz
Diameter:φ110mm    12V/24V   5±0.5A / 2.3+0.5A 110±5dB(A) Frequency:Low 335±20Hz    High 400±20Hz
Diameter:φ95mm  12V/24V   4A/2A     110±5dB(A)Frequency:Low 335±20Hz     High 400±20Hz
Diameter:φ92mm  12V/24V  4A/2A  110±5dB(A) Frequency:Low 335±20Hz,High 435±20Hz
Diameter: φ92mm 12V/24V  4A/2A    110±5dB(A)Frequency: Low 335±20Hz,High 435±20Hz
Diameter:φ135mm  12V   4A  110±5dB(A) Frequency:Low 335±20Hz,High  400±20Hz
Diameter:φ123mm   12V/24V   5A/2.5A   110±5dB(A) Frequency:Low 335±20Hz,High 435±20Hz
Diameter:φ92mm   12V/24V   4A /2A    110±5dB(A) Frequency :   Low  335±20Hz, High 435±20Hz
Diameter: φ106mm    12V/24V   4A /2A   110±5dB(A)     Frequency :   Low  335±20Hz,High 435±20Hz
Diameter: φ100mm    12V/24V   4A /2A   110±5dB(A) Frequency :  Low  335±20Hz,High 435±20Hz
Diameter:φ77mm  12V/24V  4A/2A    110±5dB(A)  Frequency:Low  335±20Hz,High 435±20Hz
Diameter:φ130mm  12V  7A  115±5dB(A)Frequency: Low 335±20Hz, High 400±20Hz
Diameter:φ77mm   12V/24V  4A/2A   110±5dB(A)Frequency: Low 335±20Hz, High 435±20Hz
Diameter: φ113mm 12V  3A  110±5dB(A) Frequency: Low  335±20Hz,   High 400±20Hz
Diameter: φ96mm 12V   4A  110±5dB(A)  Frequency: Low 335±20Hz,High 400±20Hz
Diameter:φ72mm  12V/24V   4A/2A   110±5dB(A) Frequency: Low  335±20Hz, High 400±20Hz    Remark:JK272100-7260
Diameter: φ94mm 12V/24V/48V/110V/220V 4A/2A/1A/0.5A   110±5dB(A) Frequency: Low 335±20Hz,High 400±20Hz
Diameter: φ122mm 12V  5A  110±5dB(A)Frequency:  Low 335±20Hz,  High 435±20Hz
Diameter: φ122mm 12V   5A  110±5dB(A)Frequency: Low  335±20Hz,High  435±20Hz
Diameter: φ156mm 12V   5A  110±5dB(A)Frequency: Low  335±20Hz,  High  435±20Hz
Diameter:φ90mm  12V/24V   4A/2A   110±5dB(A)  Frequency:Low 335±20Hz   High 400±20Hz


Snail Horn

Diameter:φ95mm   12V/24V   4.5A/2.5A  110±5dB(A)Frequency: Low 410±20Hz,   High 500±20Hz
Diameter:φ88mm 12V/24V   5A/2.5A   110±5dB(A) Frequency: Low  410±20Hz,  High 510±20Hz
Diameter:φ76mm  12V   4A   110±5dB(A)Frequency: Low  400±20Hz, High 500±20Hz 
Diameter:φ82mm  12V  5A  110±5dB(A)Frequency:  Low  400±20Hz, High  500±20Hz
Diameter:φ80mm  12V   4A  110±5dB(A)Frequency:Low  420±20Hz,High  510±20Hz
Diameter:φ88mm 12V/24V   5A/2.5A    110±5dB(A) Frequency: Low 410±20Hz,High  510±20Hz
Diameter:φ94mm 12V  5A   110±5dB(A)Frequency: Low  400±20Hz,  High  480±20Hz
Diameter:φ83mm 12V  4A  110±5dB(A)Frequency: Low  400±20Hz,High  500±20Hz
Diameter: φ83mm 12V  5A  110±5dB(A) Frequency: Low  400±20Hz, High 500±20Hz
Diameter: φ105mm  12V / 24V
Absorption (at 24V):  ≤18A(9A); Fundamental Frequency:530/680Hz±5%;Sound pressure level at 2 m.:≥115dB(A); at 4 m.:≥139dB(A); Reliability:100.000 on/off cycle. Type of sound: harmonized twin tone. Vehicle use: cars, motocycles. Trucks, busses, pick-up sea vessels,tec
Diameter:φ114mm   12V / 24V
Diameter: φ82mm 12V 4A 110±5dB(A) Frequency: Low 400±20Hz,High  500±20Hz

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